Create a Giveaway that will Make You an Authority, Impress the Hell Out of your Top Prospects, and Get Them to Answer the Phone when you Call Them!

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If you have a sales presentation, a webinar, a report or even a blog or podcast...

I will show you how to use it to make SALES!

Let me show you how to get more prospects, impress leads and get more people to pick up the phone when you call them!

How? . . . By showing them that you are a respected authority in your industry who has the answers to the problems they are facing by providing them with a “giveaway” (also known as a "Lead Magnet") that will impress your most ideal prospects.

We call it “The ULTIMATE Lead Magnet” that takes information that others might put into a simple unimpressive downloadable report, and instead, presenting it to your leads as a REAL PHYSICAL PAPERBACK BOOK!

A simple "free checklist" or one-page "tip sheet" or something that is so simple that nearly anyone can find it with a simple Google search will not impress a prospect . . . but a physical book will not only get their attention establishing you as a published author, but unlike your competitors, it will position you as an authority who specializes in exactly what your prospect is looking for!

It's Easier than you Think! -- 10 to 12 Pages Can be an Entire Book!

It may surprise you to know that most of my lead magnet books are only 30-50 pages long! Because a book page is much smaller than an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, it only took about 10-12 pages to write! -- You can do that in a weekend!

  • Do you regularly give sales presentations? – Then you already have enough information for a book!

  • Do you present webinars? – Then you book is already written!

  • Can you tell people how your product or service has helped others? – then you are all set!

And I'll show you how you can sell your book -- and a "secret" way to get your book into you "perfect prospect's" hands without it costing you a penny!

And with our training, the writing and formatting is FREE, the publishing is FREE -- and you won't have to stockpile books!

Here’s what you will Discover on this Powerful Presentation:

The importance of creating a lead magnet for your business to get leads and make you the “go-to authority" in your industry while giving you credibility and authority!

How you can easily produce a PHYSICAL book that will literally blow your top prospects away while creating a "celebrity image" of you in their eyes! (and to create it, it won’t cost you a cent!)

You will learn how your newly produced paperback book can be written, formatted, published and listed for sale on the largest platform in the world – AMAZON – (and it won’t cost you a penny!)

You will learn how you can give away hundreds of your books without it costing you a cent by using the same system that millionaire marketers and coaches like Russell Brunson and Anthony Robbins use!

You will learn how you can produce the exact same professionally formatted version of your book in "digital" format to have available for download on your site in exchange for visitor's email addresses.

And you will discover our exclusive 3-part training where you can follow me “step-by-step” as I teach you how to do all of this on your own!

(It’s easy to do!)

ON DEMAND WEBINAR! - Watch the presentation RIGHT NOW!

Bonus for All Attendees!

  • $125 Sales Funnel Course (Use coupon to get it FREE)

  • A FREE Sales Platform and Checkout and Delivery System to giveaway or sell your Lead Magnet! (or anything you desire)


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